Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy as a Bee

The last couple of weeks I've been working at a security products company that specializes in surveillance systems, GPS trackers, and hidden cameras. Unlike my past few jobs, this position I'm in right now doesn't require me to cold-call strangers and make outbound sales calls to customers. Instead, I receive inbound calls from customers (especially from husbands and wives looking to purchase devices to spy on their partners) and take their orders, answer their questions about any security product on the website, and answer inquiries via e-mail. This position can be slow and dull at times, but it's much better than any other position I've had at other sales jobs. To me, it's more customer service than sales. And the job pays a fair amount of money. That's a plus because I need money to support my career in writing and comedy.
The company is located in Midtown Manhattan and is near many of my favorite clubs and hangout spots in Manhattan. So If I ever want to stop by Rick's Cabaret for example, I can just walk there. The work schedule is M-F 9am-6pm, although there will be times when I will have to work from 11am-8pm for a week. This work schedule has kept me very busy and I've had very little time to write and work on some other stuff. But if there's a will, there's a way. I'm going to make more time for myself by writing on my lunch breaks, doing Open Mics at least once a week after work, and timer recording my favorite TV shows that I miss. I'm not going to quit this job just because it's interfering with my personal schedule. I like the company and the people who work there. The managers and supervisors are very cool people. They took myself and another new employee out to lunch for sushi two weeks ago. It was my first time eating sushi and I must admit it wasn't that bad. I think I'm a fan of raw fish now. Anyway, just this past week, the marketing team arranged a field trip for the company. All employees left work early together and headed over to this bar and billiards place called Slate. We played pool, ping pong, and Foosball. Everyone also ate and got to know some of the employees working at the company. It was fun, and that experience makes me want to stay with this company for a long, long time. But then again, I'm going to apply for the NBC entertainment associate position later this year. If I get that position, I just may have to leave this current job. There's no way I'll pass up the opportunity to be in the entertainment industry. We shall wait and see.
By the way, the girls in NYC are looking hot, hot, hot. It's Springtime and the weather is getting warmer. Girls are walking around in tank tops and short skirts or short shorts. Big boobies, apple bottoms, sexy legs, and well decorated feet are everywhere I go in the streets of New York City. I love it!



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