Sunday, December 27, 2009

'Tis the season not to be jolly

I'm certainly not in a cheerful mood after what happened today. My Holiday weekend started off good, but ended very bad. On Christmas Day, which was Friday, I opened the Christmas gifts I bought for myself. They included a few dvds and a book. I then spent most of the day in bed watching Christmas movies - A Christmas Story and It's A Wonderful Life. And I enjoyed eating some outstanding food cooked by my dad. To top it off, I drank a glass of wine that had my head spinning until the next day. Christmas Day turned out to be a great day! The next day, Saturday, I didn't do very much. I had plans to meet up with my best friend but Mother Nature screwed me over again. The weather was horrible outside so I had to stay indoors and watch TV and surf the internet. So boring! The next day, which was today, I spent part of the day watching football. I watched in disgust as my New York Giants got blown out by the Carolina Panthers in their final home game at Giants Stadium. Then I watched the Jet game while hosting an internet sports radio show with my friend. Unlike the Giants, the Jets played with heart and they stopped the Indianapolis Colts from going undefeated this season. The Jets now look like they're going to the playoffs. Congratulations to them!

Today I planned to finally call the girl of my dreams on the phone. She's the girl that I met at the Junior high school reunion. Over the past few weeks, I've sent her some flirty text messages which I thought would flatter her and even get her to think about me. She replied to some of the texts but I just couldn't tell if she liked me or not. I really liked her. I've been having dreams about her and I just couldn't get her out of my mind. So, with all the confidence in the world, I decided to call her tonight to ask her out. It was nerve-racking but I finally dialed her number. When she picked up the phone she sounded pissed off. After I told her it was Maccorley she hung up on me. I couldn't believe it. I spent weeks trying to seduce this girl and she hangs up on me angrily. I waited a few minutes and started writing a text to her to apologize for whatever I said that may have caused her to hang up on me. Then out of the blue, she calls me back and I accidentally hang up on her. I called her back and this time she sounded calm and in a better mood to talk. She then informed me that she has a boyfriend and he is upset over my text messages. WTF? All this time this girl was leading me on. She could've told me she had a boyfriend. I would've never sent her those texts if I knew she had a boyfriend. I even told her this. I then apologized to her and told her I would stop sending her text messages. We then agreed that we would just remain friends. Then I said goodnight to her and hung up. My heart felt like it had been run over by a tow truck when I finished talking to her. The past few weeks I couldn't even focus on my work without thinking about her. I kept visualizing that someday I would be her boyfriend, but that's impossible now because she already has one. I don't understand women at all. Why lead a guy on if you're already dating someone or not interested in that guy? Why? I'm mad at all women right now. I'm very depressed after hearing this bad news. I feel empty inside and it's going to take awhile to regain my soul. Happy holidays to everyone but me!


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